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Here are links to the handouts we use in the office; to national & local support groups; and to web sites who's content we at Norton Highlands family medicine trust.  Please let us know about supports you've found useful.

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• General

An educated patient is the best doctor of all, and Norton Highlands family medicine recommends the following two web resources for accurate, clear information about your health:
Patient information on many common diseases, as well as self-diagnostic guidelines

A powerful, up-to-date, evidence-based search site provided by the NIH on all medical topics

• Asthma & Allergy

Peak Flow Meter Usage Video (Mayo)

• Bone & Joint

Tennis Elbow (NYT) / search for TheraBand (Amazon)

• Cardiology

• Complementary & Alternative Medicine

• Diabetes

• Drivers Forms

• Domestic Violence & Child Abuse

Adult Protective Services - 502/595-4803 
Center for Women & Families - 877/803-7577
Child Protective Services & Abuse Hotline - 502/595-4550 
Child Support Hotline - 800/248-1163 
Children & Families Adult/Child Abuse Hotline - 800/752-6200 
Domestic Violence - 502/584-0044 
Domestic Violence Hotline - 800/432-9251 
Family & Children's Place - 502/893-3900  
Jefferson Co Social Services - 502/595-4509 
Kentucky Domestic Violence Association - 502/209-5382 
Kentucky Youth Advocates - 502/895-8167 
National Child Abuse Hot Line - 800/422-4453 
Rape Relief Center - 502/581-7273 
Spouse Abuse Center - 502/581-7225 

• End-of-Life 

Kentuckiana Hospice: 'Hosparus' - 502/456-6200 
Palliative Care Hotline - 502/459/2100  

• Immunizations

Norton Highlands Declination Form

• Infectious Disease

• Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Caritas Peace 24 Hour Hotline - 502/451-3333 
Depressed Anonymous - 502/569-1989 
Family to Family - 502/245-5287 
Gamblers Anonymous - 502/561-5665 
Manic-Depressive Association - 502/897-9717 
Mental Health Assoc of Kentucky (MHAKY) - 502/893-0463 or 888/705-0463 
National Alliance on Mental Illness Louisville - 502/245-5287  
Seven Counties Crisis Information Center - 502/589-4313 

• Substance Abuse
   Louisville Chapter - 502/582-1849 
   Narcotics Anonymous - 502/566-6709 
Al-Anon - 502/458-1234 
Healing Place, 1020 W Market 40202 - 502/584-6606
Jefferson Alcohol & Drug Abuse Center (JADAC) - 502/583-3951 
VOA - 502/635-1361    
Local Information:

• Neurology

Brandt-Daroff Self-treatment for Vertigo 
(not specific to right or left 'side')
Modified Epley Maneuvers from UTD
(need to determine right or left 'side')

• Nutrition & Weight Loss 

Click here for our Norton Highlands handout Help with Weight Loss & Nutrition for good advice on eating well and being healthy
"Lose It" is a free web-page and App for both iPhone & Android.  The program helps you set a goal, track nutrition and exercise, and follow your progress to that goal.  Lose It also publishes a VERY good book on nutrition.  Another great option is MyFitnessPal, also with website and app
Nutrition Rx (AAFP)

• Roche Diet Plans
1800 Cal/Day 
2000 Cal/Day 

• Pain (Fibro)

• Pediatrics has good general info
as does American Academy of Family Physicians:
and the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Bingham Clinic - 502/852-6941 
Poison Control - 502/589-8222  
Weisskopf Child Evaluation Center - 502/852-5331

• Breast Feeding
Mary Oliver Humke, M.Ed., IBCLC, Lactation Consultant  502-541-5158
Newman Breastfeeding Clinic ("Information & Videos” and “Resources” especially helpful)

• Kentucky School Physicals
JCPS School Physical Form (all Ages, 2012) 

• Pregnancy

• Prescriptions

• Seniors

Alzheimer's Association Greater Kentucky and 
   Southern Indiana Chapter
   Helpline: 800-272-3900
   go to website for local support groups 
KIPDA Area Council on Aging - 502/266-6084 
Long-term Care Ombudsman - 800/372-2991  
"Stages of Senior Care" is a good book on navigating life choices
"Your Guide Along the Road to Recovery" is a resource with many valuable Louisville-area resources for seniors including information on Estate Planning, Nursing and Retirement Facilities, Alzheimer's and Rehabilitation

• Smoking

American Cancer Society 
ACS Smoking Cessation 

Jefferson County Health Department 
   Cooper-Clayton Smoking Cessation classes
Smoker's Body (graphic!) 

• Women's Health

     IUD (Progestin)