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Our Office

Welcome to the Highlands home of Rachel Busse, Laura Hawley, Stephen Roszell and Megan Ward.  

Norton Highlands family medicine provides quality out-patient care and preventative health services for patients of all ages.  As family practitioners, the knowledge and trust we gain in working with mothers, fathers, sons and daughters helps us provide a home for the health of your entire family.  Norton Highlands family medicine is a complete, state-of-the-art facility with:

  • Electronic Medical Records: A state of the art computerized chart to bring accuracy and portability to your medical history 
  • A complete lab with in-house Lipids, Blood Sugar and INR 
  • Open Access scheduling: Prompt clinic visits with your own doctor, on the day you want to see them. 
  • We have in-house digital X-ray with readings by Louisville's best radiologists 
We combine our medical expertise with compassion, humor and careful consideration of your evolving needs. We look forward to developing a partnership with you in planning for both immediate and long-term needs.

Our Providers

Rachel Busse, MD

Dr. Busse was born and raised in Louisville. She went to Atherton High School and then majored in German and biology at Transylvania University. She trained at University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, and completed residency in family medicine in Fort Collins, Colorado. Dr. Busse then worked at an urgent care in Colorado for one year before deciding to begin an integrative medicine fellowship at Beth Israel hospital in New York City. There she studied homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, nutrition, mind-body modalities (including meditation, guided visualization and hypnotherapy), and she led a patient wellness group.
Besides holistic medicine, some of her other medical interests include women’s health, pediatrics, community medicine, and preventative medicine. She is board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Practice and the American Holistic Medical Association.
Outside of the clinic, she loves having time with her husband and their young daughters. They are enjoying being so close to family since their return to Louisville – and being able to walk and bike in the Highlands. Rachel’s hobbies include music of all varieties (piano, singing, guitar), learning languages, reading fiction and poetry, cooking, travel, and hiking.
“I love family medicine for its breadth and ability to look at the whole person. I think it benefits everyone when we can look at the big picture – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I view my role in healthcare as becoming both a partner and a healer. I think that lifestyle factors such as healthy nutrition, exercise, and a positive attitude can play a huge role in overall health.”
“My general practice style is quite collaborative. I want to know what your goals are in treating a particular symptom. I love to ask questions like ‘What do you think is going on?’ I don’t like to recommend taking medicines unless they are needed, but when they are needed I will explain why. I will prescribe generic medicines whenever possible. I believe that as a family doctor my job is not to carry all possible medical information in my head, but rather to know where to find the latest studies and information and to share this with my patients in a useful way. I appreciate the emphasis on continuity of care here at Highlands Family Medicine and look forward to working with you and your family over many years.”
“For me, integrative medicine is just that: It allows me to integrate the best of both worlds. I provide conventional, evidence-based care for both chronic and acute conditions, but can also offer a range of alternative therapies. I have often found homeopathic or herbal treatments effective for colds, stomach viruses, and other self-limited illnesses, and in chronic diseases depending on patient preference. I think that our mood and stress response greatly impact our health, so I believe in the therapeutic value of stress-reduction techniques. In the end, my goal is to help support you in your own health using all the tools I can.”
Rachel Busse, MD


Justin Cartwright, APRN

Justin Cartwright, APRN is a Louisvillian.  He has years nursing experience with Hospice and the the Burn ICU.  He is married to a local physician, and has two wonderful boys. 
Justin Cartwright, APRN

Laura Hawley, MD

Dr. Laura Kissel Hawley grew up right here in Louisville. She attended Assumption High School before pursuing her bachelor of science in Biology at The University of Dayton (Go Flyers!).  There she met her husband and easily convinced him of what a friendly, unique city Louisville was.  They moved back to Louisville while she attended medical school at The University of Louisville.  Dr. Hawley completed her residency in family medicine in Fort Collins, Colorado.   While both she and her husband loved living in the mountains and all the biking, hiking, skiing, and microbrews it offered, there was no place like home.  They moved back to Louisville after residency and have enjoyed raising their 2 small children here in the Highlands.  After practicing in Shelbyville for 4 years, Dr. Hawley joined Norton Highland Family Medicine in 2014.  
Special medical interests include: preventative medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, and public/global health.  Procedures offered: contraceptives (Mirena, Paraguard, Implanon insertions), joint injections, dermatology (mole removals, wart treatments, cryotherapy, I+Ds)
"I love family medicine because of the relationship that develops over time. I feel fortunate to be able to be a part of people’s lives from the very beginning to the very end and all those steps in between. I look forward to seeing you, your children, and your mom and dad. I hope to see your whole family for many years to come."
Laura Hawley, MD

Stephen Roszell, MD

Stephen Roszell is a graduate of the University of Louisville's School of Medicine, as well as its residency program in Family and Community Medicine.  He is certified by the American Board of Family Physicians, and is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice, the Greater Louisville Medical Society and the Kentucky Medical Association. He brings knowledge, diverse experience, warmth, and maturity (in years, at least) to your health care.
Born in Lexington, Stephen also has a BA, MA and MFA in Fine Art. Prior to medical training he was a teacher of Art and Video in both Elementary and College settings, including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and worked as a professional documentarian. He made three award-winning pieces with fellow Louisvillian Walter Brock.
He has a daughter and a son, and is married to a community psychiatrist.
"I am a family doctor, and I see patients from the first week of life to their last. I see men and women, boy and girls, gays and lesbians, rich and poor, believers and atheists, republicans and democrats.
"I want this to be your medical home, the first place you go for any medical problem. They say generalists are a ‘broad, shallow lake of knowledge,” and I work with the best specialists when we need them, but I like to keep your healthcare here in general.
"I try to practice medicine based on evidence, and follow the guidelines from the American Academy of Family Practice in treating illness. I am the least paternalistic doctor you will ever meet, and believe you come to me for information, rather than parenting.  I recognize the limits of medicine, and believe that humans are made of rubber and steel, and will flourish with a healthy lifestyle. My job is to stay out of the way, while keeping my eyes open for anything serious. When new problems arise, I assume that ‘common things are common’ and prefer to take things step by step.
"I am very stingy with antibiotics. For years we have been pouring anti-bacterial medicines on viral infections, with nothing but antibiotic resistance to show for it.
"I believe that preventative care is my biggest responsibility, and I work hard to see that all my patients are up-to-date on the interventions we know head off problems in the future:
  • We provide well-woman exams, if that is convenient and comfortable for our patients; I believe that a woman's ability to choose whether and when to have a baby is a basic right;
  • I put my faith in the CDC, and their guidelines for pediatric and adult immunizations, and we provide those shots here in our office;
  • I screen for cholesterol problems that increase heart disease risk, and for colon cancer and other diseases following the US Preventative Services Task Force recommendations.
"I consider myself the luckiest doctor in America to be able to work here in the Highlands, with patients who are intelligent, genuine, caring and fun."
Stephen Roszell, MD

Megan Ward, APRN

Megan Ward is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner and a member of the Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives.  With years of experience as a primary care provider, Megan is able to care for the lifelong healthcare needs of all but the most complicated patients.  Megan brings her vitality, humor and genuine compassion to our Highlands practice half-time.  The rest of the week she juggles FOUR wonderful children.
Megan grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and studied Pre-Med and Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. After doing volunteer work with underserved populations in Portland, Oregon, she returned to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated summa cum laude with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nursing.  
Megan’s experience makes her very well qualified to be your primary healthcare provider. Whenever the need arises, she consults with her partners, and Louisville’s community of excellent specialists.
“In my years of experience as a nurse practitioner, I have worked:
- at a family practice in Salem, New Jersey with a large population of migrant farm workers,
- with adolescents at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia providing developmentally specific care and reproductive health, 
- with Family Practice Associates, a JHSMH practice with offices in Okolona and Shepherdsville,
- with Drs. Roszell and Busse at Highlands Family Medicine since 2008
“We returned to Louisville in ’04 to be close to the family and village that’s needed to raise our three boys and one girl. Louisville’s Highlands is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I feel so blessed to be practicing here. I try my best to help keep patients well and optimize their health, which is a perfect match for the very bright and eclectic group of people we serve.  I welcome the opportunity to build life-long relationships with you and your family.”
Megan Ward, APRN

Our Staff

We have a FANTASTIC staff:
  • We have a gang of SUPER receptionists named Lori and Archinae who work tirelessly at scheduling and communication; Jessi shares the front desk and is a genius at setting up all our referrals;
  • Medical assistants Maggie, Kelley, Adi, Matt & Morgan bring their calm and warmth to the back office; 
  • We have a swell lab-lady Angie, with the most painless stick in the business;
  • Our office manager Linda Phillips brings 50 years experience and love to our office, where she's been cracking the whip since 2006;
We want to be the most pleasant, respectful and professional medical practice you've ever worked with, and we genuinely look forward to your next visit.