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Norton Highlands family medicine uses an electronic medical record named Epic.  Epic is used throughout the Norton system, from hospitals to specialists to primary care offices to immediate care centers.  This means everyone in your healthcare system shares your records, making for safer, deeper and more efficient care.  MyChart is Epic's 'patient portal', allowing you free, 24-7, secure access to portions of your medical record. Its self-serve online functions will help you be your own health advocate, improve our customer service, and provide a communication link for accountable care. With MyChart you can:
  • send limited messages to our office,
  • view lab results and appointment information, medications, immunizations, allergies and more.
  • you can even request appointments.
Once logged on, click Sign Up Now, and enter your MyChart Access Code.  You can get an Access Code several ways:
If you have other questions, you can email mychart@nortonhealthcare.org.

MyChart is not for everyone:

Only sign up for MyChart if you think you will use it.  Once you have an account on MyChart, this is how your provider will notify you about lab results, and things you need to stay healthy.  

If you lose your password, or don’t check your email, or you’re just not comfortable using MyChart, we may notify you about something important, and you won't even know we tried.

Making the best use of MyChart:
Lab Results:  MyChart gives you access to your test results, and your provider will often include comments about them. Remember that no one’s body is perfect, and labs have lots of variation.  Some lab values may be marked as abnormal that are not of any clinical importance to your health.  Please don’t worry about results that are out of range unless your provider expresses concern.
Your Child
  • If you want access to your child's MyChart account, or if you are the caregiver for another person and want access to their MyChart account, please email the request to: mychartHIM@nortonhealthcare.org
  • Please do not use your MyChart account to book or hold appointments for your children.  Instead call us toschedule an appointment for them. 
  • Please do not use your MyChart account to send messages regarding your childrens’ care


Appointments:  Please be brief in entering the reason for your requested visit.


Patient Messages: Not all medical questions are appropriate to MyChart.  New medical issues that require taking a history, performing an exam, getting labs or studies, or researching medical questions need to be addressed in the office.  E-messaging and phone calls cannot replace an Office Visit. 
Try to limit MyChart messages to a single topic, like a refill or a single question
Examples of medical issues that are APPROPRIATE to MyChart:
  • Follow-up on problems we've already addressed in a visit, like home testing results;
  • Questions that can be answered with a simple "yes" or "no"
Communication that is NOT appropriate for MyChart:
  • MyChart is NOT for new problems.
  • MyChart is NOT for serious problems. For medical emergencies, dial 911
  • MyChart is NOT for urgent problems.  MyChart messages are not instantaneous.  We will check our messages each weekday. We strive for a 48 hour turn-around on email. Urgent matters should be addressed by phone, in the office, or at the ER.
  • MyChart is NOT for private issues.  Messages are received first by our office staff, and become part of the permanent medical record.
We appreciate your respect for the limitations and boundaries of MyChart.