• Please don't call at the last minute for refills: allow 2 business days for us to get your approval to the pharmacy.
  • Refill requests should be made to your pharmacist, who will then contact us for authorization. 
  • Often we have given you just enough medicine to last until we needed to see you again: when you are down to your last refill, please call for a follow-up appointment. 
  • We ask that you only call for refills after hours if it is a true emergency. 

Office Visits

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled visit.
  • Patients arriving more than 15 minutes AFTER their appointment time will be rescheduled for a future date.

Bring to Each Visit

  • Insurance cards 
  • Picture ID 
  • Make sure we have copies of your old records.  For kids, it's very important for us to have shot records.
  • Medication list (or bring your medicines themselves)
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Living Will 

Patient Assistance

Norton has a Patient Assistance program to help patients without insurance, or otherwise in need of financial assistance with healthcare.  Call Norton Customer Service at 502/479-6300 for help.

Test Results

  • Our staff will contact you as soon as possible with test results. If you have not heard from us within a week of your test, please call us for your results.
  • In addition to the tried-and-true methods of phone, and return appointment, patients may receive test results through MyChart, our electronic medical record's online patient portal.  Ask for sign up information at your next visit.

Antibiotic Use

We work hard to fight the problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Click here for an informative discussion of the problem from the American Academy of Family Physicians.  Most bugs that infect your eyes, nose, throat, large airways and bowels are viruses. Go to our page on Antibiotics and Viral Infections for a copy of our Viral Upper Respiratory Prescription for your use at home.  We ask your cooperation and trust when we choose to watch infections we believe to be viral.


We have partnered with in-patient hospital specialists at Louisville’s Norton Hospitals, as well as all other area hospitals, to provide you the best possible care.
When you go to an emergency room, just let the ER doctors know that you are a patient at Norton Highlands family medicine. In the event that you require hospitalization, you will usually be admitted by your specialist, for instance your cardiologist in the case of a cardiac emergency. A physician that specializes in hospital care, known as a Hospitalist, may also coordinate your in-patient treatment. Your specialists and the hospitalist will work closely with us to give you the best care possible.
If you chose to go to Norton hospitals and Immediate Care Centers, all of your providers will be sharing the same electronic chart.  In the office we'll have instant access to the tests, lab results, and notes during your hospital visit. At the same time, your providers at the hospital will have access to your clinic chart with our detailed notes on your personal medical history.
We will always be just a phone call away, and encourage you to contact us for any reason while in the hospital. 

Open Access

We are dedicated to open access scheduling in our office, whose goal is to assure you an appointment with your doctor the day you want it.  We leave a chunk of our schedule open each day: just call at 8:00am and we'll get you in.  

Living Will & Power of Attorney

We want to help patients with end-of-life questions, and recognize that these are issues best addressed while the "sun is shinning." Be sure we know in detail your wishes by providing us with copies of any directives you have made.
  • All such documents require notarization, which can be obtained free-of-charge here in our office. 
  • A Medical Power of Attorney and an Advanced Directive for can be found here for downloading and printing. 


At this time we are not set up to communicate by email.  Instead, we are using Epic's MyChart, the patient portal for our office's electronic medical record.  Click here for more information..